How can one be safe from network security threats?

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How can one be safe from network security threats?

Every now and then, companies find themselves struggling with some or the other network security threat. But many companies, especially the ones who do not consult professional for IT support services are not even aware of such attacks on their network. Through these untreated threats, a cyber criminal can create virtual tunnels to enter into the network and steal important information.

The first step to securing your network from a potential data breach is to identify such threats and create a counter-attack strategy. Find out the most common network security threat you might encounter with their solution here:

Unidentified Asset on the Network

With many small businesses, it could be the case that they are unaware of all the IT assets they have attached to their network. Not having an inventory of assets connected with the network can bring a potential harm to its security and lead to data theft.

You can easily fix it by conducting a review of all the pieces of equipment and devices that are connected to your network and find out what all platforms they run on. If will let you keep a check on all the assess points and perform security update if and when needed.

Abusing User Account Privileges

In the year 2016, Harvard Business Review cited, “60% of all attacks were carried out by insiders.” Whether it be accidentally sending information to the wrong email or losing work device or intentionally leaking, misusing account privileges, phishing or other attacks that can possibly compromise your clients’ data are conducted by people from the inside. Since these threats come from the people we trust the most, it is hard to identify at times.

IT companies in Virginia suggests that you can minimize, if not prevent these attacks by adopting the policy of least privilege (POLP) to limit the number of users accessing the network.

Lack of Defense strategy

Even with all the security measures in place, at times an attacker succeeds in infiltrating your network. But how much damage the attack has caused depends on what defense mechanism the business has employed. Some companies have open network structure that allows the attacker to enter the network and have an unfettered access to all the data easily.

This can easily be prevented if your network structure is strong and segmented. Keeping your data in parts can slow down the hacker from entering into it buying you enough time to identify and eliminate the breach.

Not having Enough IT Security Management

Having the best cyber security solutions in place is not enough to prevent security breach to happen. You should have enough people to execute this solution. Not having professionally trained staff to manage IT can be critical for the safety of the network. You can miss out on an important update, overlook a potential threat or may not be able to mitigate the attack.

It can be costly for many companies to have an in-house IT security team thus outsourcing this task to a professional IT company for better IT support is their best bet. Besides being assured of a thorough security of your network, you will have plenty of time to focus on other operations.

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