Growing number of young women using Instagram to embrace grey hair

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Growing number of young women using Instagram to embrace grey hair

An online community of young women has decided to neutralise the growing negative social blast on social media space by embracing grey hair on Instagram. Most women become worried when they notice that their hair has started to turn grey but a community of online women has decided to embrace their grey and natural hair. Many women decide to dye their hair as soon as they notice it has started to turn grey. All human beings age gracefully and it is crucial to appreciate that one’s hair will turn grey someday.

Most women experience lots of pressure when they notice that their hair has started to grey in their twenties or teenage years. However, Martha Smith from North Carolina was fed up of applying dye to her hair after reaching mid-twenties. After attaining 24 years, Martha became tired of the “miserable pattern” of applying dye to her hair. Martha decided to embrace the naturally greying hair and created an account called “Grombre” on Instagram hoping to encourage more women to follow the same suit.  At the beginning of the year, Grombre had succeeded to register 8,000 followers. Martha encouraged Refinery; another lady aged 29 to resist feelings of shame after noticing that her hair was greying.

Martha explains that women violate no taboo for allowing their hair to grey naturally. However, she explains that growing grey hair require profound bravery which is easily noticeable. Martha explains that she is always happy when she looks at the mirror and sees her true self rather than a version created by other people. Martha points out that any woman wishing to embrace the idea of maintaining grey and natural hair on the social media space should also be prepared to deal with the negative social blast that is more often directed towards such women.

Since July, Grombre has now increased to over 50,000 followers. Martha observes that the natural phenomenon has continued to empower hundreds of women each month. Martha points out that one of the most liberating and the ultimate decision she has ever made in life is embracing her natural pepper-and-salt hair. Martha believes that maintaining grey hair makes a woman stand out even when in a huge group of women. Grombre continues to celebrate women who opt to ditch hair dye to maintain their natural silver locks. Kate Dinota is another lady who first got her initial grey hair when she was just 7. From a tender age of 14 years, she struggled to contain the pressure of dyeing hair after every 1,000 hours at £14,000. After reaching 28, Kate decided to maintain her natural grey hair.

Kate represents hundreds of women who have decided to ditch dye and celebrate their silver locks on the Instagram. Hundreds of grey-haired women continue to showcase their natural grey hairs on Grombre Instagram page; the positivity expressed on the page is also quite overwhelming compared with the negative social blast traditionally directed to women who decided to showcase their natural looks on the social media space.

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