Bloomberg State Solar is Now the World’s Cheapest Power Source

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Bloomberg State Solar is Now the World’s Cheapest Power Source

By definition, a renewable power source is the energy source that is acquired from a natural resource that is virtually limitless. There are various forms of renewable power sources but Bloomberg state solar is now the world’s cheapest power source available.

At present, there are 5 main types of renewable energy, namely: wind, biomass, geothermal, hydroelectric and solar. All of these sources of energy have been used for years. The United States alone can produce enough wind energy to power ten times its actual need. This source has been the fastest-growing in the last decade. However, with the advancement in technology, solar power has become quite popular and is easily accessible to people everywhere.

The process of acquiring electricity from wind is quite simple. The mechanism is similar to that of a wind-up toy where kinetic energy from the turbine’s movement is converted to electricity through this mechanical power. In principle, the wind turns the propeller around a rotor. The rotor then spins the generator which creates the electricity.

Solar energy is quite different and a bit more technical. A solar panel works when sunlight hits the metal surface, the photovoltaic cells convert the energy from the sunlight to electricity by allowing the photons to move electrons out of the atoms, these electrons are the base of electricity itself. In order for the electricity generated to be consumable, the charges must go through an inverter which converts the electrons into electricity. Excess charges are stored in a battery, while the rest is loaded onto the breaker ready for use.

There has been debate over which renewable power source is truly the best. Some experts say that wind is more efficient since it can generate electricity 24/7, unlike solar, a power source which is highly dependent on daylight. However, wind energy may not be as consistent since wind speeds fluctuate and not all places have access to usable wind power. There have also been issues with the excessive noise wind turbines generate, it isn’t suitable to place in residential areas. In retrospect, turbines are enormous and not something everyone can put in their backyards.

Solar panels, on the other hand, can be easily installed on your home’s roofing. It comes in different sizes and designs. Elon Musk, owner of Tesla, recently revolutionized the design of the solar panels by introducing solar roof tiles. These roof tiles have mini solar panels built-in which allows you to maintain the aesthetics of your home’s roof while harnessing the sun’s energy, even more so with a solar battery. The materials and components are accessible to all. Purchasing the complete set of panels and accessories may be a bit over your household budget, but it is cost-effective in the long run. It is because of this Bloomberg state solar is now the world’s cheapest power source.

Solar powered homes are quite the trend nowadays that the market is quite competitive. The prices for a complete set with accessories start at £150. The UK government supports the usage of renewable power that they offer quick and easy payment schemes for their citizens.

There is more solar power available than actual consumption. Optimizing the use of this energy and making it accessible to everyone will ultimately eliminate the need for us to depend on natural resources like fossil fuels and coal. Bloomberg state solar is now the world’s cheapest power source and is the best choice in renewable energy.

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